• Brian Heath

The Defenders Of Your Data

It's not that long since GDPR came into full force and we have certainly seen an increase in awareness of data privacy from not only organisations but also individuals. Though the world didn't stop as many feared through rafts of myths and scare stories about what would happen.

Declining trust

It is clear that privacy concerns among consumers have grown. Research says that 94% of consumers are generally concerned about data privacy. The Cambridge Analytica-Facebook scandal is one reason behind the figure. Trust is also declining: according to PWC, 12% of consumers say they trust companies more than they did a year ago, while 69% of consumers believe companies are vulnerable to hacks and cyberattacks. Only 10% of consumers feel they have complete control over their personal information.


As data processing evolves and grows so does the concern over privacy. Regulators like ICO are doing the utmost to ensure that organisations can continue to use data to help grow the economy but not at the cost of, or violation of peoples rights to privacy. In doing so organisations need to develop new ways of creating innovation with data but making sure they respect the rules. That's why in this exciting and challenging time a new breed of hero needs to step forth, meet your Privacy Hero.

Whether you are a Data Protection Officer, Chief Privacy Officer, Data Compliance Manager, the list really does go on, they may all be different in position and title but they/we share a common goal. Help people to find the right level of balance for business interests and the interests of data subjects.


If you're reading this and thinking we should have a privacy hero, then why not contact us

and see what we can do to help you transition and make sure your organisation remains relevant through the conitnued digital transformation?

We are already connected with a number of organisations in the education sector providing them with Data Protection Officer as a service and of course they all require bespoke service dependent on where they are on their respective journey.

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