Our Services

What we offer to all our clients is a wide ranging set of areas of expertise and knowledge.  Allowing you to mix and match the help you need without having to compromise

Data Protection Officer reviewing plan


When people hear DPO they tend to get nervous.  and think of the latest rounds of legal cases and data breaches.  Let us help dispell the anxiety with our DPO as a Service  

GDPR assessment and review


Just like DPO, the GDPR can really send shivers down the spine.  The reality is that it's a great opportuntiy to radically overhaul the way we work. 

Data is all around us, making sense of it is the challenge

Analytics & Data

Without facts we can only make uniformed decisions based on gut feel.  Analytics & Data form the foundation of everything we do here at GO2 Consulting Services Ltd. 

Team collaborating on new ideas

B2B Consultancy

Whether you want to attack a new market, understand you existing successes or simply hone your business model, we have the right tools and skills at your disposal. 

Mapping out the full GTM for an organisation


Go-To-Market and strategic planning are a key area of business and one in which we have many years experience.  Whether it's building an entire new business model or identifying specific areas of opportunity we can help you. 

Team problem solving

Solve a Problem

Sounds simple to solve a problem doesn't it?  Yet just being able to explain the problem correctly is often this biggest challenge to overcome - let's talk about it. 


Digital Mastery

You've got a website, you've got social accounts, you've got content to share, you've got a blog, the list can go on endlessly.  How do you connect all these tools and make sure they are at the optimum level?  Not sure then give us a call.