Having a DPO is one of the key ways of demonstrating GDPR compliance irrespective of the legal requirement.

GO2 Consulting Services provides the role of Data Protection Officer (DPO) as a service for organisations that either require this service due to the mandatory requirements below or those who wish to demonstrate an enhanced level of GDPR compliance to the ICO and their business partners (e.g. as a visible part of their compliance framework). 

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Reason 1

Is a public authority (except for courts acting in their judicial capacity)


Reason 2

Carries out large scale systematic monitoring of individual (for example online behavioural tracking)


Reason 3

Carries out large scale processing of special categories of data or data relating to criminal convictions and offences)

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Part of the team

The appointed Data Protection Officer will attend your offices on a planned basis to meet with senior management and provide them with a written report on their current risks and issues (including any interaction with the ICO).

Levels of dpo services we currently offer



Annual DPO meeting onsite (half day)


Annual DPO status report

Breach Incident Management and ICO liaison

Telephone and Email advice and guidance (up to 2 hours)




Quarterly DPO meeting onsite (half day)

Quarterly DPO status report

Breach Incident Management and ICO liaison

Telephone and Email advice and guidance (up to 8 hours)




Bi-Annual DPO meeting onsite (half day)

Bi-Annual DPO status report

Breach Incident Management and ICO liaison

Telephone and Email advice and guidance (up to 4 hours)



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Monthly DPO meeting onsite (you pick duration)

DPO status report as required

Breach Incident Management and ICO liaison

Telephone and Email advice and guidance (you choose hours)



Orange Blossom

"Having GO2 Consulting Services as our DPO provider has enabled our school to feel confident and supported as it strides towards GDPR compliance.  Support has been available immediately and any issues have been discussed and advice provided both quickly and clearly.  Audits of school practice have highlighted areas to work towards to increase efficiency and yet have been positive and affirming of the solid routines and practices already in place.  The support, advice via email, and site visits have been detailed, and have represented excellent value for money.  Information has been clear and easy to follow which has made life much easier in school and provides us the time to concentrate on the most important thing - the children!"

Mrs S Dainty Headteacher - Longmoor Primary School 

Why outsource the DPO role?

Counsel & Advice

The role of a DPO is a specialist one, requiring a thorough understanding of GDPR, broader data privacy management and information security.

Many organisations now require a DPO that wouldn’t have considered it necessary previously, even some very small organisations now legally require one. Hiring a DPO is not straightforward, not only do they demand a fairly high salary (circa £70K per annum) but their availability in the market place is challenging due to the lack of trained resources looking for a role of this nature. Organisations looking to recruit or assign this role from within their existing resources need to be fully aware of the rules relating to conflict of interest.


How to engage a DPO from us

Engaging one of our Data Protection Officers (DPO's) for your organisation is a straightforward process.


Our DPO professionals are engaged on an annual basis.  Our clients subscribe monthly to the service, the cost of which depends upon the level of service required.  This level is determined by the time commitment required from the organisation for the DPO.


Simply review the standard service and the different levels of service that are available.  Choose the one that most appropriately meets your organisation's requirements and get in touch.  We will review these with you and then agree with the most suitable service to implement.

DPO additional services

Analyzing the data

Compliance Audits

We carry out GDPR compliance audits on an ad-hoc basis as required. These audits are vital in assessing your current compliance status and helps you demonstrate compliance to your business partners.

Contract Review

Impact Assessments

We undertake data privacy impact assessments. These assessment are important in reviewing your level of risk exposure for key processing systems and are a major component in demonstrating compliance.

Startup Development Team

Privacy Software

We are knowledgable in a number of privacy management software solutions. These solutions help you manage your on-going compliance along with auditing the processing of personal data.