GO2 Consulting Services Ltd was formed out of a desire to help and assist people and organisations.  Tackling subjects which may first appear daunting or challenging, but with a consistent focus to ensure a positive outcome and deliver real benefits. 


So whether you want to explore new business strategy, solve some problems, explore your capability against GDPR or something else, let's talk.

Brian Heath

Founder & Managing Director

Let me introduce myself, I'm Brian Heath founder of GO2 Consulting Services Ltd.


My background has been in a variety of strategic sales and marketing roles from local through to global operations for a Fortune 500 company in the IT sector.  It is here where I've been fortunate to gain exposure to and develop further a deep understanding of a number of key areas which can significantly, positively impact your organisation.

I hope to speak with you very soon about how we can collaborate and drive your organisation further forwards to your goals.